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Sean Lester Beltran, the 21-year-old individual renowned for his motivational content, has passed away following his battle with bone cancer. This heartbreaking news was shared by Leslie Beltran Fernandez, Sean's mother, on Facebook. On Sunday, August 20, 2023, Sean's passing occurred, marking a poignant moment.

Leslie conveyed the sorrowful message, saying, "With profound sadness, we convey the news of our beloved son's, Sean Lester Beltran's, passing." She went on to express, "In fond memory of my child, his existence was a wellspring of blessings and cherished instants. The affection he bestowed and the life he led will forever be imprinted in our recollections."

"You will forever reside within our hearts, my dear child."


In the year 2021, Sean was confronted with the shattering news of his diagnosis of bone cancer. His ailment had already progressed to Stage 4, as verified through a biopsy.

Sean recounted in an interview with the news program 24 Oras, "I believed that my exercise regimen was effective, as I felt muscle discomfort. Nearly two months passed, and the pain persisted, compelling me to seek a massage." It was then that medical professionals identified a lump on his left shoulder, ultimately leading to its surgical extraction.

Inside the lump, a fracture was discovered, accompanied by a small mass. "Numerous tears were shed as I grappled with the difficulty of acknowledging that this was transpiring in my life," Sean shared with a heart full of emotion.

Determined not to yield to his malady, Sean channeled his vigor into inspiring others on TikTok. His videos garnered millions of views, eliciting admiration for his fortitude despite grappling with such an imposing affliction.

Presently, Sean emphasized, "My primary focus is on recovery and genuinely serving as a source of inspiration to individuals, my family, and those who are standing unwaveringly by my side."

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