What Hedgehogs Love to Eat


Hedgehogs are insectivorous animals, which means their natural diet consists primarily of insects and other invertebrates. In captivity, they require a balanced diet that mimics their nutritional needs. Here are some foods that hedgehogs love to eat:

1.     High-Quality Hedgehog Food: Commercial hedgehog food is available in some pet stores and is formulated to provide the necessary nutrients for hedgehogs. Look for a brand that has a high protein content (around 30% or more) and is specifically designed for hedgehogs.

2.     Insects: Hedgehogs enjoy a variety of live insects as part of their diet. Suitable options include mealworms, crickets, waxworms, and small locusts. These can be purchased from pet stores or bred at home. Ensure the insects are gut-loaded (fed a nutritious diet) before offering them to the hedgehog.

3.     Meat-Based Cat or Dog Food: Some hedgehog owners supplement their pets' diet with high-quality cat or dog food. Choose wet or canned food with a high meat content and minimal fillers or grains. Look for options that are low in fat and do not contain artificial preservatives or additives.

4.     Fruits and Vegetables (in moderation): Hedgehogs can enjoy small amounts of fruits and vegetables as occasional treats. Suitable options include apples, bananas, melons, carrots, and peas. These should be offered sparingly, as hedgehogs have a low tolerance for carbohydrates and can experience digestive issues if fed too many fruits or vegetables.

5.     Cooked Meat: Cooked, unseasoned lean meats like chicken, turkey, or beef can be offered as occasional treats. Ensure the meat is free from seasoning, bones, and excessive fat.

It's essential to provide fresh, clean water to your hedgehog at all times.

Remember that each hedgehog may have individual preferences and dietary needs, so it's important to observe your pet's behavior and adjust the diet accordingly. It's recommended to consult with a veterinarian who has experience with hedgehogs for specific dietary recommendations and guidance on portion sizes.


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