Do cat really eat mice?

Yes, cats are natural predators, and one of their instinctive behaviors is hunting small animals, including mice. Cats have sharp claws, keen senses, and a hunting instinct that drives them to pursue and catch mice and other small creatures. This behavior is not necessarily influenced by hunger; it is an inherent part of their predatory nature.

In the wild, cats play a crucial role in controlling rodent populations by hunting and catching mice and rats. Even domestic cats, when allowed outside, may engage in hunting behavior and catch mice as a form of play or to satisfy their natural instincts.

However, not all cats are interested in hunting, and some may not show any inclination to catch mice or other prey. This can vary depending on the individual cat's personality and experiences. Additionally, well-fed indoor cats may be less motivated to hunt for food compared to their wild or outdoor counterparts.

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