Andrea Brillantes ex boyfriend Ricci Rivero Reason of Break-up

 Andrea Brillantes ex boyfriend  Ricci Rivero Reason of Break-up



Andrea Brillantes, without directly mentioning her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero, shared some advice with her supporters on how to move on after a breakup. 

In a vlog with actor-comedian Vice Ganda, Brillantes discussed her approach to moving on by focusing on certain turn-offs related to her ex-partner. 

The confirmation of her split with Rivero came from the basketball player himself on Twitter in June. 

Brillantes emphasized the importance of reflecting on aspects of an ex-partner that were unappealing, such as their failure to do household chores for an extended period. 

Vice Ganda agreed with her perspective, stating that recognizing an ex's negative qualities can help restore one's self-worth after a breakup. 

Brillantes also hinted that she had been "blinded by love" in the past, realizing that her love for someone made them seem more special than they actually were. 

The actress emphasized the significance of trusting one's intuition in relationships, which often proves accurate following a breakup. 

She noted that many revelations about the relationship tend to emerge after a breakup, leading to people sharing information ("spilling tea"). 

Brillantes disclosed that it took her about a month to move on from Rivero and eventually realized that there is more to life than just having a boyfriend. 

She expressed her reluctance to dwell on a failed relationship, as she has experienced numerous challenges in life and believes there is much more to explore and enjoy. 

Brillantes also mentioned her intention to sell an item given to her by her ex-partner, indicating that she is the type of person who enjoys giving gifts in a relationship. 

However, she did not reveal the specific item. She also stated that she has no plans to retrieve the items she gave her ex-boyfriend, as she does not want to leave him with nothing in his condo.

 Brillantes previously mentioned gaining "inner peace" after her separation from Rivero, as it made her realize that she is no longer a child and has formed inner peace within herself.

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